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Local Lead Generation, How to Generate Quality Niche Leads

Ippei Leads LLC is always ready to take on any new niche, as we know what kind of research is required to get the best results but here are some of the leads we have experience in, with dominating sites that are generating majority of the monthly revenues for our clients.

If you want to generate quality leads, it is all about ranking for quality keywords.

If a company tries to prove themselves to  you by ranking for a long tail keyword, stay clear away. There is a reason the so called “long tail keyword” is easy to rank.

It hardly gets any search volume.

There are certain high buyer intent keywords that are important to know.

There are also important keywords that generate the big ticket jobs depending on the niche, such as commercial jobs or emergency repair type of jobs.

It is important to target those, but if that’s your only strategy or only source of organic leads then your business will be unstable.

You must go after what I call the “main keywords” for your niche.

You know.

The keywords that TRULY gets the most search volume of customers that are needing your service.

This is always going to be the most competitive keywords, and a lot of SEO companies avoid even going after them because they either don’t have the skills or they don’t want to spend the time & resources to do it. Or they rather just do what’s easier and milk their monthly contract. Unfortunately I’ve seen this far too many times in this field of SEO companies taking an advantage of local business owner’s lack of knowledge.

When you rank for “main keywords”, you will get quality & VOLUME of leads, and that’s when the magic happens.

Like our clients being able to hire more staff with confidence, buy more equipment, scale & expand with confidence, take more vacations, and thrive in the marketplace instead of survive.

We focus on making a difference and that’s done by ranking for the toughest keywords.

This is only possible when you have one of the strongest SEO skills in the game. Which we do.

If you’re interested in dominating the search results, and dominating the top 3 map listings in your city.

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